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These rules are effective April 25, 2001 and supersede all previous rules. They are subject to change at any time by the Board of Directors, but shall remain in force unless posted notice of the change is made on the bulletin board of the Club and by letter to each member. All members and guests are subject to these rules.


1.   The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to persons or property on the Club premises.

2.   Members are responsible both for all debts incurred and all acts committed by their guests while on the Club premises.

3.   No member shall take away from the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, Tennis Shop, Pool house, or grounds, any property of any department of any description belonging to the Club.

4.   No pets of any description shall be allowed in the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, Tennis Shop, Pool house.

5.   No person dressed in bathing suit shall be allowed to enter any part of the Clubhouse with the exception of the locker rooms.

6.   Arrangements for parties by members must be made in advance with Club Manager and/or Club Hostess and a contract executed by the Club Manager and other parties. (Each contract guarantees a certain number unless cancelled 48 hours in advance or the member will pay for the number he/she contracted for)

7.   The dining room and lounge are will be open to members at all times unless contracted for a special event. Members may reserve any of the private facilities with the price for reserving these facilities to be quoted by the Club Manager.

8.   Improper parking of vehicles is prohibited. All parking signs will be strictly adhered to.

9.   Club employees shall not be reprimanded in any fashion by members. All complaints about employees shall be made directly to the Club Manager or Department Head. 

10.  All purchases made in the Clubhouse will be on a charge basis only. Cash will only be accepted at certain specific functions.

11.  Members are not allowed in the kitchen or behind the bar.

12.  No member or guests shall be allowed to bring any food or drink to the Greenville Golf and Country Club unless otherwise authorized by the Board.

13.  Decorations may only be put up using available attachments provided by the Club.

14.  When a member of the Club is entertaining at his own expense, he may invite to the Clubhouse personal non-member guests, whether residents or non-resident.

15.  No subscription paper shall be circulated nor any article offered for sale in the Clubhouse except as authorized. Advertisements of all descriptions are prohibited except with the approval of the Board.

16.  No bikes, roller blades or skates are allowed on the premises of the Club (except for the access road)

17.  Any questions with respect to the aforesaid Club Rules shall be made in writing to the Board.

18.  The Board shall issue such further rules and regulations as may be required in the interest of the Club.